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              Tieling Valve (Group) Industry Trade Co., Ltd. is one of the key enterprise after the former Tieling Valve Works was reformed. It has a history of more than 70 years for manufacturing valves.

              Our company is strong in technology and complete in equipment,we can produce gray cast iron, ductile iron, low alloy iron valves, brass valves, bronze valves, steel penstock, cleaning machine, different kind of wind gates, strainers, and pipe fittings.

              Our main products: butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, air valve, globe valve, rotating strainer, comb type cleaning machine, grating, steel penstock, cool and hot isolating gate, guarding gate, regulating shrinkage hole, inserting gate and pipe fitting; the suitable medium: clean water, sewage water, sea water, air, high temperature stove air, gas, steam and different acid and alkali liquid; suitable temperature: -40℃-600℃; suitable pressure: 0.01Mpa-2.5Mpa; nominal diameter: DN50-3000mm; driving methods: manual, motor, pneumatic, hydraulic, motor & hydraulic. According to the customer's requirements, we can design and manufacture the products conforming to GB, JB, ISO, DIN, BS, API, ANSI standard. The products are widely used in water power plant, thermal power plant, water plant, sewage treatment plant, gas, airline, metallic, petroleum and chemical, mine.

              Our company has the right of importing & exporting, our products have been applied in many projects, and some of the products have been exported to Pakistan, Iran, USA, Viet Nam, Ethiopia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan etc. We have gained the belief and good evaluation from the foreign and domestic customers for our good product quality and perfect after sale service.

              Sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign clients to our company for visiting and negotiation. We will provide best products and perfect service.

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