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          cast iron Non-rising stem parallel double disk gate valve

          Z48T-10/16 metal type gate valve. DN50-DN3800. We have advantages in large size gate valve with the best quality.With large size

          A gate valve comprises a valve body, it with a flow linewhich can be obstructed by a valve closure member  actuated by means of an axially displaceable valve stem.In the closed position, said valve closure member  is in tight contact with a valve seat arranged inclined relative to the flow direction. The gate valve is characterized in that the nominal width and overall length of said valve body correspond to the dimensions defined by the standards relating to wafer-type fittings.It includes of body,body sealing ring, disk, bonnet,stemm, bevel gaer and bypass. The working pressure is PN10,PN16 and PN25. It can be according to BS,AWWA,DIN,JKS standard.

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