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          wall mounted cast iron or stainless steel penstock

          Type: Headwall Gate Valve
          Size: as required
          Service Pressure: 5 m

          Frames & Gates
          Cast from high duty cast iron and constructed with reinforcement ribs to resist distortion. Available types are Flat Back, Spigot Back and Flanged Back.

          Seating Faces
          Seating faces for standard penstocks are made of bronze strips of heavy rectangular sections pinned to machined surfaces on the body and gate. These are then accurately grinded until it becomes feeler tight. Stainless steel is used for sewage or seawater.

          Wedges Mechanism
          Cast iron guide strips extending vertically down each side of the frame, which ensures tightening force when the gate is closed. The machine-tapered wedge is adjustable by stainless steel screws and lock nuts.


          Manual Type
          Made of high duty cast iron pillar with hand wheel and can be mounted on to the floor or penstock frame. Operated by turning the hand wheel. Non-rising and rising stem type are available. The non-rising stem type has gunmetal bushed stem bearings and position indicator. The rising type has a gunmetal nut fixed to the hand wheel and engaging the operating stem threads.

          Geared Type
          Operated by level or worm gear. The gears are enclosed in cast iron housing equipped with oil lubrication nipples and thrust bearings. Hand wheel and position indicator is included.

          We can also design electric or pneumatic power operated type, to suit your requirements.


          Rising Type
          Stainless steel spindle with machine-cut thread of stub acme form. The spindle is bolted on top of the gate and has the operating thread at the upper end, where it engages a revolving nut in the headstock.

          Non-Rising Type
          Stainless steel spindle with machine-cut thread of stub acme form, which engaged a lifting nut bolted on top of the gate. The gate is cast with eavity to accommodate the projection of the spindle when in open position.

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