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          flanged pressure relief valve

          The valve instantly opens when the pressure in the pipeline exceeds the preset safe level, thus relieving excessive pressure

          The 500X pressure release/maintenance valve is mainly used in fire fighting or other water supply systems to prevent the occurrence of overpressureor maintain the pressure of a fire fighting water supplysystem. After the fire pump is shut down, the valve can also serve to reduce the impact caused by water hammer. It can also be used as the water hammer eliminating device in large water supply systems.The valve utilizes a self-cleaning screen installed at the inlet of the valve control system, so suspended particles of relatively big specific gravities and diameters can not enter the control system.This guarantees the smooth and unobstructed circulation of the system, thereby ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the valve. With the help of the valve, the system, suitable for 600 caliber or below pipes, is able to operate smoothly, high in strength and offer a long service life.

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